Loopingtales teamed up with Henk Rijckaert to make a fancy outro for his youtube channel

The first blogpost in a couple of months… It’s a cliché, we know, but we were very busy working on some cool projects. So forgive us, please!

For one of those projects we collaborated with Henk Rijckaert. Henk is a Flemish stand-up comedian but above all he is a crafter. A crafter of TV-shows, comedy (at the moment he is touring with his show “Technostress”) and… things! Every Tuesday he shows us the results of his craftsmanship on his popular youtube channel Koterij. He does everything by himself: the crafting, but also the filming and editing. He even makes the music for his videos himself. He wants to show the audience his learning process, in an appealing and funny way. Sometimes he’s fiddling or things fail. But step by step he’s evolving in his craftsmanship and that’s cool to see.
At Loopingtales we were charmed by Henk’s videos and his way of working. So we invited him to visit our studio and have a chat. After a brainstorm session with a lot of coffee we came up with the idea of making a stop-motion outro for the episodes on De Koterij. On top of that we thought it would be cool to make a 3D-model of Henk, that would come alive in the outro.

But… how did we do that?

We wanted Henk to be able to make his own custom outro’s for every episode, so we created his very own outro-factory!
First, we rebuilt a storing shelf of Henk’s studio at our own studio. We used some recognizable, catchy items and built a few different backgrounds. That way, Henk can choose between different backgrounds to match the theme of every episode.
Then we animated some crafting materials from Henk’s studio. A brush, a paint roller,… We rigged them as digital puppets that can move and talk to Henk’s voice, handy!
After that we designed a 3D-model of Henk. After printing the model and giving it some clothes and hair, a mini-Henk-character was born.
Last but not least, we created some stop-motion animated elements like a fan and an old camera to add to the mix.

The result? Henk’s very own -easy to use- outro-factory! All he needs to do now is animate his voice-controlled puppets and drag and drop them along with the stop-motion elements onto one of the backgrounds. Et voila: a custom but recognizable outro for every episode!

Curious? Check out his first outro here

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