Maker City, your shelter from the storm

It was a windy autumn weekend in Ghent… But instead of binge-watching Netflix, a lot of people came out of their houses and visited the studios and workshops of the makers and crafters who were part of Maker City. We also opened the doors of our Loopingtales studio and – although we are located a bit out of the city center – quite some people find their way to the Roderoestraat. We had a blast introducing all our curious and interested guests to the world of stop motion. We made a personal stop motion video for all of them as a souvenir of Maker City. Our guest-maker Sam Ponette showed the visitors some live wood craftsmanship.

It was a fascinating weekend for us and we had the chance to meet some interesting people. The Maker City team did a great job: the organization and communication were perfect.

If you didn’t have the chance to visit our studio this weekend, no problem! Send us an e-mail to make an appointment.

We have good coffee 😉

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