How to make your event go viral using our stop-motion booth [case]

Nowadays, events start their life on social media. From creating a Facebook event to posting #tb pictures on Instagram: it’s important to involve your audience in every step of the organisation of your event. Stop-motion video can be a brilliant tool to make your event come alive online.

“But… How?” we hear you think. 

Two weeks ago Loopingtales was part of Maker City. We opened the doors of our studio and showed visitors around in the marvelous world of stop-motion animation. Because we really wanted to let our visitors actively participate in what we do, we developed a stop-motion booth. With this booth it’s possible to make a personalized and sharable stop-motion video for every visitor of the event.

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How did we do that?

After a brainstorm we came up with the idea of a stop-motion booth, that, in this case, contained a hand crafted 3D-printer. That printer would print, layer by layer, every visitor into a stop-motion video. By adding to the video a moving wood saw and a banging hammer, also made of paper, we emphasized the fundamental idea of Maker City: the belief that the future of crafting and craftsmanship in Belgium is big.
We built the set and made the animation in advance. That gave us the opportunity to make a picture of every visitor in front of our green screen, during Maker City. We imported that picture into the animation via an automated template, et voilà, the magic happened: a personal stop-motion video for every visitor, ready to share on media.

Stop-motion on your event! 

Loopingtales is convinced stop-motion can give your event a creative boost. It is a fun and easy accessible way to involve your visitors, young and old. It’s attractive and grabs people’s imagination. By making people participate actively in a stop-motion video, they get the feeling they add value to the event. They’re not just visiting, they experiencing.
Our stop-motion booth can travel to your event and is manned by us. We take care of everything, so no worries for you!
The content the booth produces is totally adapted to your wishes and the look and feel of the event. So, for example, it is possible visitors choose from various backgrounds or scenarios the one they like. In that way, visitors get the feeling they helped making the video. And they will be more willing to share it on social media.  And all it takes? One picture of each visitor. Easy peasy!


But there is more…

During the event, the visitors receive the video by email, with an instruction for sharing it easily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,… So, your visitors will tell your story online, straight away. We design an attractive customized email template in the style of your company. And because your guests have to give their email address to receive their custom video into their mailbox, your email list will grow big during the event.

The only one with a broke arm on #makercity16

Een video die is geplaatst door MakerCityLoopingtales (@makercityloopingtales) op

In short, our stop-motion booth offers:
-An eye catcher on your event
-A fun activity for your guests
-A cool video your visitors want to see and share
-A smooth way to grow your email list

Are you organizing an event and want to give your guests an awesome surprise? Contact us!

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