Character Design

“Let them love you.”

You know what your brand stands for. But does your audience? Tell your story in a refreshing way. With regular short form videos on the platform of your choice. Starring your very own custom-made character. Character design reinforces your brand identity. Once your followers grow fond of your little star, they’ll start loving your brand as well. LoopingTales always makes sure your character fits your brand values and company image.

How we work

We work with you, not for you. Throughout a project, we consider ourselves a part of your team.


We uncover the characteristics that match your brand. We brainstorm about possible characters.

Character design

Let’s make you some characters your audience can’t resist.

First date

We introduce you to a selection of 3 custom characters and present a format to enliven them on your channel. You choose which you like best.


When your decision is final, we create your chosen one. Everything in our studio is hand made. From armatures to clothing and props. Ready to be animated.


A Vine calendar is set up. At agreed times, we update your channel with a new video starring your personal character.