Stop motion video

Short Form Video?

Looking for a creative video to promote your brand? Short form video content is hot. But standing out in a crowded timeline can be tricky. How do you draw the attention of your followers without screaming? Let us help you. The videos we produce will surprise your audience in merely 6 seconds. Just long enough to get the attention when scrolling down on social media. Once we have the attention our short stories playing in a endless loop. Your message will be seen a couple of times.

What We Create?

Stories. Refreshing, lighthearted mini stories. In stunning stop motion video. No matter the budget, LoopingTales will make it worthwile.

How We Work?

We work with you, not for you. Throughout a project, we consider ourselves a part of your team.


You provide us with a briefing. We come up with a concept.


We translate the concept into a clear storyboard


Once approved, we build up the set from scratch. Completely customized. With carefully curated props that match your story.


Lights. Camera. Action.


With only 6 seconds to convince, every frame matters. We finish your video with great attention to details.