Make your Christmas video stand out with these four trends

This time of the year we get flabbergasted by Christmas videos. A lot of them are a dime a dozen and don’t stand out. Loopingtales gives you 4 essential hints to make your video the brightest star in the Christmas tree.

Say no to bland and boring cliché’s
Ok, Christmas is all about cosiness, being together and having a jolly good time. During this time of the year traditions give us a warm and familiar feeling. And traditions are ok, but you have to avoid bland and boring cliché’s. People get tired watching another chubby Santa Claus on his sleigh. Or a dull family wearing their Christmas sweaters in front of the fireplace. If you use iconic Christmas figures or ideas, be memorable and stand out. Use those Santa’s, angels, snowmen, reindeer,… in an original and creative way. Give them your company’s own touch. Of course, with your video, you want to evoke the warm and cozy feeling of the Holidays. And that’s ok. But put effort in telling a story that sticks and attracts people’s attention, avoiding stereotypes and platitudes.

Hooray for cheerful colors!
Red, gold and green… are not only the colors of Boy George’s Karma Chameleon, but also colors typically used in almost every Christmas video. We have two words for you: avoid them. Like mentioned above: don’t choose the easy path of color clichés. Why not experiment with pink snow? Yellow reindeer? Blue bearded Santa’s? As far as concerned the use of color, be expressive and striking! Let your product pop out by the use of color! Colors influence how customers view the “personality” of your brand and product. Be aware of that. Ever heard of lapis lazuli, cerulean, malachite, maroon, crimson,…? No? Go and Google!


Geometric vs figurative
This Christmas, geometric shapes and figurative figures complement and boost each other. No need to choose between an austere, rigid style or a realistic one for your Christmas video. Just go for a merry mix of both! This trend lends your video a special, yet recognizable elegance and splendor.

Customized craftsmanship
Nowadays everything is possible in the digital wizardry of advertising. You can consider this an asset, but at the same time it’s hard to attract attention and be conspicuous. More brands find their way to hand- and custom-made videos with a strong story, because they offer so much more: they make your brand stand out in an overflow of digital made videos; they show your customers the love for your brand or product. You have to admit, a video made by using a non-digital technique, like stop-motion, sticks in your memory. Why? Because it’s different and took a lot of effort to produce. As a result, you are more likely to talk about it and share the experience you had watching it. Do we have to say more? A crafty use of wood, paper, clay, fabric,… creates such an added value for your brand and customers.

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