The tale of the fox: building a stopmotion character

To tell you the tale of the fox, it’s important that we introduce you to Mirjam first. Mirjam send us an email saying she was interested in our work on Vine and whether we could meet up.

A cup of coffee later, Mirjam inquired about an internship with us. Yes please: as a student in Illustration, she’d blend in perfectly. To top it off, she turned out to be a seasoned puppet maker in her spare time.


One of Loopingtales ambitions is to develop characters for stop motion animation. Mirjam was very interested in that part of our business. So we started to work this out together.

It took us kilometers of books, long nights of watching tutorials, testing different materials and making many mistakes, but we made it. We can now proudly announce that we have set up a unique service. We bring inhouse-created characters to life at an affordable rate!

Mirjam Vesters from Holland, is the first freelancer hosted in the Loopingtales studio. If you need refreshing Illustration work we recommend you to check out Mirjam. She is ahead of the competition because she dares to experiment with new techniques and styles but she also delivers fast mainstream illustration work.

And now, back to the tale of the fox.

The story of the fox brings us back to the opening of our new studio. Jigger’s,  best bar of Belgium and one of the best cocktail bars in the world (actually N°88) made a ‘Loopingtales’ cocktail for us. We responded with a Instagram video. You can watch it here.

How did we do that?

We uncovered the characteristics that match Jigger’s brand by a conversation with Olivier Jacobs, the owner. With that information we brainstormed about possible characters and made a storyboard with a fox and the chickens as main characters. When the guys from Jigger’s screamed: “we can’t wait to see this!” we started the production.

6 steps to create the fox

  1. We studied a fox and its skeleton
  2. We defined its size based on other props and deco elements
  3. We created its skeleton, enabling us to animate it
  4. We shaped its body
  5. We created a neat looking fur
  6. The fox is alive

Of course there was a lot more to make than only a fox. Because we built the whole set inhouse.

Next step? Bring on the chickens!

Want to know why it’s so interesting to link a custom character to your brand? Click here for more information.



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