Two years ago, around this time, we installed vineapp on our mobile phone. Much has changed since then. Where we started off making vines as a hobby, as of September, we have evolved into a full-time business and can say with pride that we have built up a great international clientele and, in all honesty: this is not at all what we expected when we started out!

A great deal has also happened behind the scenes. For example, we’ve set up a fully equipped studio to deliver stop-motion videos quickly and professionally. We’ve invested in a company vehicle and even in a company bicycle, even if it’s not used enough – something we’ll be working on… What was still missing though was a proper full-function website! We did have a little website, but could never find the time to work on it. Result: it was completely out of date! But as of now this is going to change. On our new website you will be able to find all the info you need on our services, have a look at our work, and from now on we’ll be posting a weekly blog post too. Like this you’ll be completely up to date with what’s happening behind the scenes and we’ll be providing brand new info on short-form video, video marketing, stop-motion, character design and much more.

studio_view_upstairs-2 studio_onder

We certainly don’t want to forget our online friends in our first blog post! We want to thank you sincerely because it’s thanks to you that we can do Loopingtales. We always enjoy reading reactions at work… We want to meet each and every one of you, even if this will take a lot of time… In the meantime, we would love to hear from you by way of a message or via Skype.

Do it for the vine, Yves

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