Video killed the audio star?

According to Unruly’s Future Video Survey, 80.4% of consumers mute video ads. Smart marketeers have taken note of this and are developing ads that can tell their story and engage viewers with or without sound.
Brands experimenting with “sound off” content. Many are even experimenting with closed captions to draw in viewers. So expect to see a rise in these soundless pieces of content that can engage users with or without audio during 2016.

sound_studioAt Loopingtales we were aware of this trend and that’s why we always choose for strong images that tell the story of the brand we work for. We avoid closed caption because we think it works well in a powerpoint presentation but not in a video.

Audio will always be a very powerful tool to support emotions in a story. We also think that 20% that watches videos with audio on is still an important part of your audience. That’s why  we will always put well chosen audio in our stories in 2016 and beyond.

Video loves the audio star!

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