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Our interns are gone ...back to school for a final project. It was a pleasure to work with these guys. During the internship we launched a new way of working. Every week someone of the team was the

We’re happy that Twitter asked us again this year to make the Vines for their annual global event MuseumWeek. During MuseumWeek, starting the 28th of march, Twitter puts the spotlights on museums


The Loopingtalesteam is proud to announce two new interns. Wouter and Sander are students at Luca school of Arts where they study visual arts. They are two hungry young wolves and they are

These past few years, many marketers have understood that micro videos can help boost your conversion rates online. 2016 will be the year micro video is embraced by the masses. That’s why it

A lot of people ask us how the place looked like before we entered it. If you want to know more about us check this